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10 tips for alleviating nausea and sickness during pregnancy

At the start of a pregnancy, a huge hormonal shift occurs. Excessive production of β-hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), oestrogen and progesterone, in particular, are thought to trigger nausea.
Most women – especially during the first three months of their pregnancy – have to battle with nausea, which may lead to vomiting. But there is some consolation: In most cases, the complaints disappear by themselves after this time.

Tip 1: A snack before bed and sufficient sleep

You can alleviate morning sickness by having a light snack (yoghurt, milk drink) before going to bed or during the night.

It is essential to get enough sleep, as hormonal changes at the start of pregnancy rob you of energy. 

Tip 2: A snack in the morning

Before getting up in the morning, you should have a small snack (crispbread, biscuit). This raises your blood sugar level, which is low in the morning and can intensify feelings of nausea. 

As many women can feel faint in the morning, it is important that you get out of bed slowly and avoid sudden movements.

Tip 3: Dry Oats

Chewing dry oat flakes binds stomach acid. This settles your tummy ‒ after all, an over-acidified stomach is not really helpful when you are feeling nauseous anyway...

Tip 4: Small meals

Only eat small meals over the day and ensure that your stomach is never completely empty. Larger portions of food lie heavy in the tummy and can increase the symptoms of nausea.

Tip 5: Ginger

Ginger is an old household remedy for alleviating nausea. Try it out and see if two or three cups of ginger tea help you. Ginger sweets are practical if you are out and about.

Tip 6: Avoid fatty and highly spiced dishes

All foods which are fatty, heavily seasoned, very acidic or spicy can irritate the stomach, triggering nausea and sickness. Opt instead for light dishes which are rich in vitamins, and season them with herbs.
And: Remain upright after eating. Gravity helps the contents of your stomach to stay where they should.

Tip 7: Avoid unpleasant odours

Your sense of smell may be particularly sensitive during pregnancy. You should therefore try and avoid odours which are very unpleasant for you!

Tip 8: Drink plenty of the right fluids

Ensure that you drink enough ‒ at least two litres a day! Diluted fruit juices, mineral water, fruit or herbal teas are particularly suitable.

Alcohol is, of course, taboo! Acidic drinks such as cola, coffee or orange juice put an unnecessary strain on the stomach. And you should completely avoid drinks containing quinine (e.g. tonic water).

Tip 9: Relaxation

Relax as often as you can. You can do this by taking a walk in the fresh air, ensuring that you get enough sleep as well as by avoiding stress and taking things at a slow pace.

Tip 10: Acupressure

Try to counteract nausea and sickness with acupressure. Every four hours you should use three fingers to press the inner side of your lower arm, just below the wrist. There are also acupressure bands which stimulate this point.

The B vitamin supplement Nausema® helps you to feel comfortable during your pregnancy. The supplement contains highly concentrated vitamin B6. This regulates hormone production in such a way that it remains within the normal range.
Vitamin B6 is complemented in an optimum way by vitamins B1 and B12. The B vitamins contribute to a healthy nervous system and assist in achieving normal energy metabolism.

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